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Turbo Italia, has worked with manufacturers in Italy since 1974 to bring in a wide range of quality cooking and kitchen appliances and become the oldest and most popular company known for hob, hood and oven – that most mums have grown to be familiar with over the past 4 decades.

Our long-standing experience in the industry has been the main driver to lead the kitchen appliances industry into new eras. We have always strived to bring the best kitchen appliances to our customers and have always been patient and accommodative to what our customers want. We relate valuable customer information to our suppliers and also source for new, innovative and suitable products for local use, thus making cooking easier and more enjoyable for our consumers. 

Our Achievements

In 1990, for the first time in the Singapore built-in hob history, Turbo Italia introduced the revolutionary 3-burner built-in Hob. To top it up, 2 new features were also incorporated in the new built-in hob, namely the piezo ignition and the inner-ring control.
1991 In 1991, we were the first to move the wok burner to the middle of the left side of the hob, ensuring that the wok burner is further away from the person cooking. This means lesser heat is transferred directly to the body, hence lowering the possibility of losing appetite after prolonged cooking. By leaving the wok burner alone on one side of the hob, it also allows consumers to utilize all other burners while cooking with the wok.
In 1998, Turbo Italia introduced another new feature, the built-in battery operated ignition in most of our built-in hobs. This allows households to continue cooking in times of electricity failures. It also helps households lower their expenses as it does not require another electricity outlet to ignite the burner.
In 2002, again, we were the first to produce the 5.2kW wok burner on our Turbo built-in hobs. In layman’s term, it means powerful burner, which is best for fast cooking such as stir-fried vegetables. At the same time, the flame is also angled at 45°, making it gas efficient while cooking, especially when stewing or boiling soup.

In the same year, instead of the traditional layout where 2 burners are on each side of the hob, we introduced a new 4-burner hob by moving one of the burners to the centre and leaving the wok burner on its own. This design is suitable for big families who need to fully utilize all 4 burners at the same time.

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