1. Installation of built-in hobs includes:-
    Dismantling existing hob and put new hob into existing cut-out on table top.
    Connecting hob to rubber hose of cylinder gas (LPG), or flexible hose of PUB gas (Town Gas).
  2. Installation of cooker hoods includes:-
    Dismantling existing hood and mounting new hood on cabinet or wall. Connecting cable to existing power point or switch point.
  3. Installation of ovens and microwave ovens includes:- Dismantling existing oven and/or microwave oven. Putting in new oven and/or microwave oven into cabinet Connecting cable to existing power point or switch point.
    4.1 Modification of cabinet and table top
    4.2 Electrical work of any kind, such as installation of power point or switch point, re-location of power point or switch point.
    4.3 Extension of cable.
    5.1 Cleaning of cabinet
    5.2 Huge wall mounted hoods of 6kg and above.
  6. DISPOSAL:-Customer to state clearly in the “Remarks” column should you want to keep the old appliances. Otherwise, it is deemed that you have agreed to let our staffs to dispose the old appliances and will not hold us reponsible for the disposal.

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