Butter – 200g
Ghee – 80g
Egg yolks – 2
Egg white – 1
Milk powder – 3 tbsp
Soya okra (very fine) – 70g
Caster sugar – 50g
Vanilla extracts – 1 tsp
Iced water – 3 tbsp
Plain flour – 160g
Self-raising flour – 180g
Some apple green color and pink coloring (for horns)
Ready Pineapple Jam – 1.2kg

1. Sieve both flour mixtures together.
2. Beat butter, ghee, egg yolks, egg whites, milk powder, soya okra, sugar and vanilla extract over high speed for about 2 minutes.
3. Bind in flour mixture, add in iced water and light knead to form semi soft dough. Add required food colouring (1/6 portion pink color & the rest mix in apple green)
4. Chilled mixed dough for about 20 mins before working.
5. Divide chilled dough into required size and weight, flatten and wrap in pineapple filling and shape into SHEEP motive shapes. Bake in pre-heated Turbo Incanto oven temp. 180C for 10 minutes then remove from oven. Glaze baked SHEEP cookies with egg white and return into oven at 150C for another 10 to 12 mins till well baked.

EGG WHITE GLAZE – Add 2 tablespoons of light corn syrup water into 1 whole egg white

牛油 – 200克
酥油 – 80克
蛋黄 – 2 颗
蛋白 – 1颗
奶粉 – 3 汤匙
大豆秋葵 (极幼细) – 70克
砂糖 – 50克
香草精 – 1 茶匙
冰水 – 3 汤匙
中筋面粉 – 160克
自发粉 – 180克
苹果绿和粉红色素 (羊角) 少许
现成黄梨果酱 – 1.2公斤

1. 将两种面粉一起筛好。
2. 快速拌打牛油、酥油、蛋黄、蛋白、奶粉、 大豆秋葵、糖,以及香草精约 2分钟。
3. 混入筛好的面粉,加入冰水,轻轻搓揉直到形成半软面团。倒入所需的食用色素 (1/6面团混入粉红色,其余混入苹果绿)
4. 把面团冷冻约20分钟。
5. 把冷冻面团分为所需的大小和重量,压扁、包进黄梨馅后, 制成绵羊形状。 放进预热到180 C的家宝烤箱烘烤 10分钟拿出,上蛋白釉,再放回烤箱用 150C继续烘烤 10到12分钟直到呈金黄色。

蛋白釉 – 在1整个鸡蛋的蛋白中加2汤匙淡玉米糖浆水。

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