Minced pork or Chicken – 200g
Pork ribs or Chicken Wings – 200g
Tomato – 200g
Dancing Chef Red Curry Paste – 2 packets
Water or Soup stock – 1.5 litres
Dancing Chef Soybean Paste – 1/2 packet
Salt To taste
Home-made noodle – 300g
Fried shallots and spring onions for garnishing

Ingredients for Vegetable Noodles:
Plain Flour – 200g
Water or Vegetable Juice – 70ml

Method for Vegetable Noodles:
1. Pour the flour into Joyoung Multifunction Noodle Maker and cover the lid. Press “Auto” button on Joyoung Noodle Maker to start the machine. Pour water or vegetable juice into the machine slowly until the noodle is done kneading.
2. Cook noodle in a pot of boiled water for 1 minute. Remove and rinse with cold water. Then continue to cook for another minute. Remove noodle from the pot and add gravy on top of the noodle.

Method for Gravy:
1. Add water or soup stock, minced pork, pork ribs, tomato and Dancing Chef red curry paste into a pot. Bring to boil over medium heat then reduce heat. Cover the pot and simmer until meat is tender.
2. Add Dancing Chef soybean paste and mix well together.
3. Add homemade noodle into serving bowls, pour gravy over it and garnish with fried shallots and spring onions.

猪肉或鸡肉碎 – 200克
排骨或鸡翅膀 – 200克
番茄 – 200克
佳味红咖喱酱 – 两包
白开水或上汤 – 1.5公升
佳味豆瓣酱 – 半包
盐 适量
手工面 – 300克 (煮熟沥干)

普通面粉 – 200克
清水或蔬菜汁 – 70毫升

将面粉倒入九阳面条机中,盖上盖子,按“全自动/停止”键, 将水从水孔慢慢倒入,到面条制作完成。

1. 把白开水或上汤倒入锅内。放入肉碎、排骨、番茄及红咖喱酱。以中火煮沸,火力转小。盖上锅子,焖煮至猪肉变软。
2. 加入豆瓣酱,搅拌均匀。
3. 把手工面放入碗里,把辣豆瓣酱淋在面上,洒上香炸小紅葱与青葱作为点綴,便可上桌。

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