Whole Fish – 500g
Dancing Chef Thai Seafood Sauce – 1 packet
Coconut milk – 100g
Water – 150g
Kaffir lime leaves (finely shredded) – 2
Red chili (Sliced) – 1

1. Descale the fish and clean the fish. Rinse it thoroughly and pat dry with paper towels. Take a sharp knife and cut three shallow slits along both sides of the fish, but don’t cut through the fillet.
2. Heat coconut milk over medium heat using Turbo Hob. Add Dancing Chef Thai Seafood Sauce and stir constantly. When the mixture starts to boil, add water and bring it to boil again, then add in the fish and cook until well done. Please do not stir it.
3. Transfer the fish to a serving plate, garnish it with Kaffir lime leaves and red chili.

鱼肉 – 500克
佳味泰式海鲜酱 – 一包
椰浆 – 100克
白开水 – 150克
酸柑叶 – 2片(切丝)
红辣椒 – 1个(切片)

1. 把鱼洗干净,清除内脏。在鱼身的两边切纹。
2. 以中火把椰浆加热,加入佳味泰式海鲜酱,持续搅拌。煮至沸腾后加入水再煮至沸腾。最后加入鱼肉,家宝的嵌入式煤气炉的慢火把鱼肉煮熟。不需搅拌。
3. 把煮好的鱼放在盘子上,配上酸柑叶和红辣椒丝,便可上桌享用。

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